Easy to dose and integrate into a preexisting vitamin routine, CBD pills are an increasingly common way to experience cannabidiol on a day-to-day basis. But how do CBD capsules differ from other, more typical hemp products that you see sold in stores? Before you making hemp part of your daily routine, understand the pros and cons of various delivery methods.

What Are CBD Pills?

Also known as CBD capsules, CBD pills are a way to take cannabidiol that more closely resembles pharmaceutical drugs. Each individual pill or soft gel contains a certain amount of the active compound cannabidiol that you swallow with water, just as you would an Advil.

Though its form may resemble vitamins, CBD pills are, however, not FDA-approved medications for specific illnesses. This does not mean, however, that they do not have a long list of health and medicinal benefits.

Why Take CBD Capsules Over a Different Form of Hemp?

There are several benefits to taking cannabidiol in the form of pills, compared to CBD oil or tinctures, edibles such as gummies, topicals, and vape e-juice.

Compared to Tinctures, Gummies, and Vaping

Compared to tinctures, the benefit of CBD pills is that they’re easy to dose. Tinctures can be dosed using a pipette, however, this is less accurate than a soft gel that contains a specified amount of cannabidiol. Additionally, you don’t have to hold it under your tongue as you would a tincture, which can have a strong, earthy taste.

Similarly to edibles, CBD capsules go through the digestive tract. But unlike CBD gummies and other edibles, these do not contain potential additives, sugar, corn syrup, and artificial ingredients. They’re designed for those who want to take cannabidiol without any excess sugars.

For many people, vaping can deliver fast-acting relief with plenty of bioavailability. However, vaping is also not ideal for traveling and not necessarily discreet. Some people prefer something for which they don’t have to buy an accessory, like a vape pen.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Pills?

CBD pills contain all the benefits of cannabidiol, without the fuss of vaping and tinctures, and without the potential calories of edibles. This means that, overall, they can provide a sense of balance and calm due to the compound’s interactions with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

What can CBD do, specifically? For some people, it can reduce anxiety, promote sound sleep, improve mood and reduce pain. All of this can be done without significant side-effects, as can come with common pharmaceutical medications.

How Do You Take Hemp Capsules?

Think of cannabidiol capsules as you would a vitamin. They’re easy to take once or twice a day, typically in the morning and at night. Some advocate taking them on an empty stomach to experience stronger effects.

Keep in mind that cannabidiol does not produce negative side effects in most cases. One European Journal of Pain study on cannabidiol and arthritis found that the compound reduced pain and inflammation–all without negative side effects.

In other words, the best way to experience cannabidiol is to dose it correctly, but a high dosage will not typically produce negative side effects.

What to Look for When Choosing CBD Pills

Though CBD is legal in all 50 states, not all hemp products are of the same quality or value. To ensure that you experience the most benefits possible, consider the following elements before selecting a product either online or in stores:

  1. Are third party lab testing results available on the website or through email? The only way to accurately dose cannabidiol is to know how much is in a product in the first place. Don’t feel anything? It’s possible for CBD capsules to contain less cannabidiol than stated on the label, so best to go with a third-party lab tested product.
  2. Are they organic or vegan? Keep in mind that though hemp plants do not require pesticides to thrive, pesticides and insecticides can be used on any crop. Additionally, the typical pill, whether it’s a CBD capsule or otherwise contains gelatin. This means that it isn’t vegetarian by definition, though there are products available.
  3. Choose a dosage that works for you. The best advice for anyone new to cannabidiol is to start with a lower dosage, then increase. A higher dosage does not automatically produce better results.