With more published research on the topic of cannabidiol than ever, and growing interest from people and pet owners, CBD books are one of the most comprehensive ways to explore cannabidiol. Books on CBD can cover a range of topics, including dosage, history, pet care, and medical studies. The following six are our favorites.

Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

Author: Michael Backes

A great summary of CBD oil‘s applications for a number of medical conditions based on the latest scientific evidence. It includes:

  • Dosage for treating various ailments
  • Explanations of how these bodily processes work
  • Summary of relevant delivery methods (ex: CBD vape oil, tinctures, edibles, topicals and more)

Why We Like It: It’s easy to use, illustrated and covers a variety of serious and commonplace medical conditions and ailments. A favorite among CBD books because it’s so comprehensive.

Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health Without the High

Authors: Eileen Konieczny, RN, and Lauren Wilson

A guide to using cannabidiol, backed by patient experiences, available products, and research drawing from both authors’ medical and writing backgrounds. This guide answers questions such as:

  • What is the endocannabinoid system?
  • What is CBD vs THC?
  • How do you choose the highest-quality product?
  • How do you dose it?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Is cannabidiol legal?

Why We Like It: Konieczny is a registered nurse with experience treating cancer patients. Through her experiences, she became an advocate for cannabidiol. These real-life patient experiences inform the writing in this one of our favorite CBD books.

CBD: What You Need to Know

Author: Dr. Gregory Smith

Another favorite of our CBD books, Dr. Smith’s CBD: What You Need to Know is a concise guide to the compound cannabidiol. Backed by studies and anecdotes, Smith’s work equips readers with the tools necessary to set pure CBD oil apart from other lower, quality alternatives. Additionally, Dr. Gregory Smith is a reputed authority in cannabis research more broadly.

Why We Like It: This is one of our favorite CBD books because it provides real information without being too bulky. Unlike some of the other titles on our list, Dr. Smith’s work is concise, making it a great introduction to cannabidiol.

Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs: Natural Supplements to Support Healthy Living and Graceful Aging

Author: Caroline Coile, Ph.D

CBD oil for dogs works just as well as natural hemp compounds for humans. This book, by Caroline Coile, Ph.D, explores the often difficult to navigate the world of hemp medicine for animals. This includes exploring different products and outlining what is safe and legal. Coile is a reputed writer on dogs. She wrote Barron’ Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds–a bestseller.

Why We Like It: Coile’s prose is easy to read, despite the scientific nature of the topic. Though hemp medicine for dogs is an increasingly common type of pet wellness, it has considerably more stigma and is less accessible. This is one of the best CBD books for shedding light on the real benefits of cannabidiol for animals.

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis-Healing Without the High

Authors: Julia Birnbaum and Leonard Leinow

One of the best CBD books for actionable cannabidiol information, A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis-Healing Without the High offers the following tips:

  • Which conditions can cannabidiol help treat?
  • How do methods of ingestion differ?
  • Which strains are high in cannabidiol?
  • Does it produce any negative side-effects?
  • How do you select and dose cannabidiol for pets?

Why We Like It: Organized by ailment, this guide is easy to use for beginners, pet owners and medical practitioners alike. Not only is it useful in the treatment of various conditions, but it provides some interesting background on how cannabidiol could combat opioid addiction and the future of legalization.

CBD: 101 Things You Need To Know About CBD Oil 

Author: Frank Coles

Looking for an exhaustive list of cannabidiol facts? Among our selection of CBD books, this may be the one for you. In it, author Coles guides the reader through how cannabidiol is made, how to choose the best quality product, how to take different types of products, and who should (and shouldn’t) take cannabidiol.

Why we Like It: This book is a great introduction to cannabidiol. Though less of a guide to how to dose the compound, Cole’s work makes some valid pounds about how to research carrier oils, consider drug interactions and more.

The Most-Informative CBD Books in Print

Though there is more information on hemp wellness available than ever, knowing exactly how to administer cannabidiol, what types are best, and how to choose a suitable product can be a challenge to those new to it. For people looking for serious medical information for themselves and their pets, the above CBD books detail a wide variety of patient testimonials, research, and history.