Peter Tosh, the profet, said: "Legalise It"
     Peter Tosh - Legalise It
(Peter Tosh)

Legalise it
Don't criticize it
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it

Some call it tamjee
Some call it the weed
Some call it Marijuana
Some of them call it Ganja

Nevermind, got to legalise it
Don't criticize it
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it

Singers smoke it
And players of instrument, too
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
That's the best thing you can do

Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even the laywers too

So you've got to legalise it
Don't criticize it
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it

It's good for the flu
It's good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even numara thrombosis

Got to legalise it
Don't criticize it
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it

Birds eat it
Ants love it
Fowls eat it
Cooks love to bake with it

So you've got to legalise it
Don't criticize it
Legalise it, yeah, yeah
And I will advertise it


Dr. Ethan Russo from Missoula Montana has again publicly confirmed that there is not one documented case of lung cancer caused by marijuana smoking, historically and world-wide.
Watch this Dr. Ethan Russo Speech and Dr. Ethan Russo Interviewed by Hilary Black from BC Compassion.

 Oct. 2003 and again now in Nov. Scientists report that Cannabis or rather Cannabinoids inhibit tumours, besides reducing pain, restoring appetite and a feeling of well being. Science shows us once more how to separate morals and facts from fiction, Amen! Thank you God for this gift!

I have just seen with my own eyes, how 9/11 was planned by Bush!
All Documents That Demonstrate this Beyond Any Doubt Are At: (this is REAL folks!)

Prohibition Still Does Not Work ! Any Questions ?

"But the whole truth is much uglier. We have documented in detail how the Iran-contra drug-running and gun-running operations run out of Bush's own office played their role in increasing the heroin, crack, cocain, and marijuana brought into this country. We have reviewed Bush's relations with his close supporters in the Wall Street LBO gang, much of whose liquidity is derived from narcotics payments which the banking system is eager to recycle and launder."

After review of all the facts (click here) I would care to argue that it is criminal that the US Government does not make an issue of the real health problems; the fact that, in the US alone, 38,000 people die from secondhand cigarette smoke every year (more than 10 times the number of people who died in the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001, by now 12/16/2011 about 35 times this number). Not one mention is made about this by national US health officials. Let alone that this would be reason for a policy or law to protect the non-cigarette smoking community. What is worth 40,000 bodies of innocent people every year? Tax revenue!

After review of, especially recent, research, I would also argue that it is more healthy to smoke, or better yet vaporise, Marijuana, then it is to abstain from using this substance altogether. Marijuana protects our nerve system, brain and eyes, it gives a boost to our immune system, it fights off malignant cancers and it insulates us from diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Multiple Sclerosis, among others.

Meanwhile US Drugs 'Czar' John Walters is running around on the international scene spreading lies and rhetoric about the issues. Having the world believe that Marijuana is enemy no. 1 and yet no-one has ever died from Marijuana nor does it show up in the statistics as a public health problem. Instead we have recently learned that Marijuana has wonderful medicinal properties. And, if you dare to do the research, these medicinal properties have been suppressed for almost over a century now. So Marijuana never killed anyone is not physically addictive and is a medicine but it is illegal even to 'possess.' Yet cigarettes do not have medical use kill 440,000 people annually in the US alone, of which 38,000+ of second hand cigarette smoke.

Cigarettes are legal and have been proven to be more addictive than heroin. I have not figured out the logic of this unless John Walters is lying for a reason beyond the huge pile of dead bodies we accumulate annually and world-wide! Maybe John Walters has stocks in the death service industry? Gets paid under the table to lie? I am not really sure, haven't figured it out yet, unless you believe (which by now, after long study, seems the only plausible answer).

Video! New! Economist speech PhD. Boston U: from a normative point of view: prohibition makes society worse off when compared to legalisation!

How strange that governments are using taxpayers money to spread lies to  keep prohibitionist policies (against certain drugs) in place. Citizens are supposed to be served and protected by their governments. Hence, real numbers, as reflected in the mortality figures, are not talked about (most people die from cigarettes, other legal drugs and alcohol) and the dangers of these illegalised drugs are invented or grossly exaggerated. The power of convoluted media empires and governments fed with tax payers monies that is put towards fear mongering untruth is scary in itself.

Just the other night I was watching ABC football and saw a partnership for a 'drug free' America ad questioning reality on marijuana, in-between bud light commercials!? Well, what do the mortality statistics show? Death cause #1 Cigarettes is at 440,000 a year in the US alone! (did you know this?) Alcohol and related (fires and violence, murder, etc.) over 150,000 Legal prescription drugs over 100,000 Illegal drugs about 10,000 of which marijuana 0 ! Any Questions? I actually went up and asked an AMR (American Medical Response) driver his experiences on the  job he said: "95% of his cases are alcohol related."

Reason is that prohibition gives a government more executive power and increases control over their constituents. A vicious cycle is started and this will only end when the truth is told or leaked from free media !

Fortunately it is not commonplace for Dutch politicians to lie in order to justify policies. That is why, inevitably, the Dutch had to 'liberalise' their drug policies starting in the 1970's. As we can see after 30 years of decriminalisation the results are in:

P. Cohen, Ph.D.: "Dutch drug policy and some outcomes. A history and  comparisons with US data" April 2002,  Rice University, James Baker 3, Conference "Moving beyond the War on Drugs"
LAST MONTH'S PREVALENCE OF CANNABIS USE PER AGE GROUP: Sources; Office of Applied Studies, SAMSHSA, National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 1998 Abraham et al., Centre for Drug Research (CEDRO), Office: Wibautstraat 4, Room D5.26, 1091 GM Amsterdam The Netherlands, mail address: postbox  94208, 1090 GE Amsterdam, email: tel: +1-31-20-525 4278,  fax +1-31-20-525 4317, World Wide Web: (with a large selection of original CEDRO reports and publications in Dutch, English and other languages)
Sources; Office of Applied Studies, SAMSHSA, National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 1998 Abraham et al., Centre for Drug Research (CEDRO), Office: Wibautstraat 4, Room D5.26, 1091 GM Amsterdam The Netherlands, mail address: postbox  94208, 1090 GE Amsterdam, email: tel: +1-31-20-525 4278,  fax +1-31-20-525 4317, World Wide Web: (with a large selection of original CEDRO reports and publications in Dutch, English and other languages). Click here to download this graph in native Microsoft PowerPoint! note for Eugene; see bottom of graph page for download of all graphs in native MS Powerpoint.

Game Over ! We will sue California's Bill Lockyer and Federal Powers Asa Hutchinson and Karen P. Tandy (the "drug Czar" how ridiculous, let's get real for once folks) and Canadian Health Officials who are not doing their job!

John Walters is lying and he is influencing State elections, a practice which is illegal; when he said he hopes "the governor (of Maryland) will see through the con." The argument that marijuana is "a proven, efficacious medicine" makes no more sense than "an argument for medicinal crack," he said.

Oh, is John Walters a doctor? No he is not, he is lying and he is a  disservice to his country! Someone should sue you out of your job! Did you conveniently forget the Institute of Medicine Report? As in medicine? Put out by Doctors, not liars?


"Drug Czar" John Walters has recently stated publicly on Global Sunday news in a televised interview: "Holland is on the verge if anything of toughening up its laws because enormous growth in crime and in not only marijuana consumption, but in cocaine and heroine."  We will show on these pages that prominent officials from the US Government are spreading lies about the Netherlands and about all that fits their views. But scientific evidence is not on their side. Our coalition will sue these irresponsible officials because they are a disservice to the American Public and the world community.

Additionally Mr. John Walters is using our Federal tax dollars to influence State elections, a practice which is illegal under Law !

Isn't 80 years of stupidity enough? Why didn't we learn from alcohol prohibition, and why is (was) cannabis prohibition perpetuated? And why was cannabis made illegal in the first place, starting in Canada in 1923? Were there any scientific studies and was there careful deliberation within and among governments? Apparently no, on the contrary, prohibition was in great part based on an occurrence of media-spin in North America by (our beloved) Mister Hearst.

Adjacent data is from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

It should be common knowledge that any substance declared illegal is henceforth obscured from vision and driven into the hands of the rulers of the underworld. We all remember that alcohol followed this route when it was declared illegal.

This does not seem to be a useful or rational strategy. Now we can see what the effects are after well over half-a-century of politics of prohibition against certain drugs (and why only certain drugs?). These problems are now multiplied in society by 'modern' diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis-B and C.

"Drugs" are dangerous enemies. "Drugs" are called evil, vile, threatening, and powerfully addicting. Politicians and governments crusade against them, declare war on them, and blame them for many unhappy conditions and events. Anti-drug crusades and drug scares popularize images of "drugs" as highly contagious invading evils. Words like plague, epidemic, scourge, and pestilence are used to describe psychoactive substances, drug use, and moderate, recreational drug users.

Very recently (Sept. 2002) the Canadian Senate committee, after a 2 year long and costly study, has advised; Legalise It!

Illegal drugs
Jul 30th 2001

With retail sales of around $150 billion, the trade in illegal drugs is in the same league as consumer spending on legal ones like tobacco and alcohol. Its main commodities are agricultural. Cannabis is produced in both rich and poor countries. Heroin and cocaine come increasingly from just two places: Afghanistan and Colombia. A growing sideline is in drugs such as methamphetamine and ecstasy which are made from simple chemicals.

Governments haven’t always cracked down on these substances. Indeed, some countries tolerate them today while others are relaxing their bans on soft drugs. But most governments invest in costly anti-drugs policies, none more so than America. Supporters of such policies highlight the harm drugs cause to individuals and society.

Yet the resulting drugs war is being waged (and apparently lost) at perhaps an even greater cost. Not only are lives lost, but corruption and misguided drugs policies are encroaching on civil liberties. Legalising the possession of and trade in drugs would probably increase the number of users. But it might also reduce crime and poverty, and solve many other problems.

We (organised under ) are now forming a coalition to file a lawsuit against the people and organisations responsible for upholding current law that violates our basic human rights in a free society as we claim to be (mostly) in Western hemisphere. Now the time has come to undo near 80 years of injustice!

The Canadian Senate report has clearly stated that continuation of current policies are a violation of the human rights of Canadian citizens! Therefore;

Please join us in this court battle which we will wage against key people who are not doing their job and are thereby damaging (Canadian) citizens and health and violate their basic rights.

Please e-mail me to discuss your involvement;

Thank you!

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